One thing I know for certain... If you've been a blessing to ANYONE, it's coming back to you. 

If you go out and speed in a school zone, you will get a ticket. Why because it is a law… the law of the land. The same holds true if you go out and bless to someone.  That’s LAW… A spiritual law. It’s called the law of reciprocity. The difference between a law of the land and a spiritual law is the fact that you may never get acknowledge for adhering to that law… You may never get caught breaking that law. When it comes to spiritual laws… the Universe don’t miss a thing!! Period. It’s like just like gravity, if you release an object in the air, you automatically expect it to fall to the ground… Right? That’s how you should be expecting your blessing. It’s  the law of reciprocity. You do good, it comes back. THATS why I end every single show… now matter what city I’m speaking to…., BE GOOD TO SOMEBODY. I wanna see ya blessed.

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