The Presidential debates are over. There are now 14 days left in the campaign.The candidates will now be crisscrossing the country and spending a lot of time and advertisement dollars in a handful of swing states that will decide this year's election.

During last nights debate, foreign policy was the main topic of the night. Mitt Romney congratulated the President on the killing of Osama Bin Laden, but also said," We can't kill  our way  out of this mess, we must have a comprehensive strategy to combat this kind of extremism."

The President at one point said to Romney," that the 1980's are calling and wanting their foreign policy back and that you seem to want to import the policies of the 1980's, the social policies of the 1950's, and the economic policies of the 1920's.

A snap CNN poll taken after the debate showed 48% thought Obama won the debate, while 40% though Romney had won. The rest were undecided or thought it was a draw. Meanwhile 25% of debate watchers said they were more likely to vote for Romney, while 24% said the debate made them more likely to support the President, with the rest unchanged.

Early voting is already underway in a number of states including both Arkansas and Texas. You can vote early through Friday November 2nd in the Lone Star State and in Arkansas through Monday November 5th.

Election day is two weeks from today on Tuesday November 6th. The race for the Presidency seems to be too close to call and a cliffhanger. The deciding factor may be which campaign does the best job of getting their supporters out on election day in the handful of battleground states that will decide the election.

Mark Wilson & Alex Wong/Getty Images
Mark Wilson & Alex Wong/Getty Images

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