Are you registered to vote? Do you know everything that you will see on the ballot once you enter the voting booth? You can easily find out if you are registered to vote, where your polling place is located, and the sample ballot through the one step link below. The early voting locations and times for Miller County and Bowie County are also listed below with directions to each place. I want you to be prepared to cast your vote.

Finding out if you are registered to vote is super easy. Just enter your name and date of birth through this HeadCount link:

Once you enter your information and hit enter, you will also be provided with a link to see what your base ballot will look like as well as where your voting station is located.

Knowing ahead of time what is on your ballot will save you a lot of time, wonder and worry. You need to understand what you are voting for or against and doing the research on your phone while in the booth is just not cool.

For instance, I live in Miller County, Arkansas. My district may vary from yours so be sure to use the link above to get all of your important details. My ballot is eight pages and aside from the presidential race, here are the items that I will be voting on:

  • One Senate Race
  • One Congressional Race
  • Miller County Judge
  • Miller County Sheriff
  • Miller County Clerk - unopposed
  • Issue No. 1 - Amendment to the Arkansas Constitution concerning terms, election and eligibility.
  • Issue No. 2 - Amendment to allow the Governor to retain powers and duties with absent from state.
  • Issue No. 3 - Amendment to the Arkansas Constitution concerning job creation, job expansion and economic development
  • Issue No. 4 - Amendment to limit attorney contingency fees and non-economic damages in medical lawsuits.
  • Issue No. 5 - Amendment to allow three casinos to operate in Arkansas (specific counties listed on ballot).
  • Issue No. 6 - Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016
  • Issue No. 7 - Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act

That is a lot to take in so you can bet that I will do my research prior to entering the voting booth.

Voting Early Options:

Arkansas early voting opens on Monday, Oct. 24 and closes on Monday, Nov. 7, 2016. Here are the locations to vote early in Miller County:

Texas early voting opens on Monday, Oct. 24 and closes Friday, Nov. 4. There are two polling locations to vote early in Bowie County. The dates and hours are the same for both locations.

  • This week, Monday, Oct. 24 through Friday, Oct. 28, 8AM-5PM; Saturday, Oct. 29, 9AM-5PM; and Sunday, Oct. 30, 1PM-5PM
  • Next week, Monday, Oct. 31 and Tuesday, Nov. 1, 8AM-5PM; Wednesday, Nov. 2 and Thursday, Nov. 3, 6AM-6PM; and Friday, Nov. 4, 8AM-5PM.

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