It's a big election year. I normally wait until election day to vote for the ceremony of it all, but it's 2020 and I can't help but think I really need to vote early. So, here is when early voting starts in Texas and Arkansas and where to early vote in Texarkana.

As I said, I have this feeling that if I wait until the actual Election Day November 3, with my luck, my car will break down or a tsunami will hit Texarkana.

In Texas, Governor Gregg Abbott announced earlier this summer that he extended early voting in Texas starting October 13 and going until October 30. If you live in Texarkana, Texas or anywhere in Bowie County you can early vote at these 3 locations in Texarkana, Texas:

Early Voting Location 1  Bowie County Courthouse located at 710 James Bowie in   New Boston, Tx on the 1st Floor- Staff Lounge  (903) 628‐6809

Early Voting Location 2 - Southwest Center 3222 West 7th Street,  Texarkana, Tx.

Early Voting Location 3 - Walnut Church of Christ at 2720 Moores Lane, Texarkana Texas.

Voting locations will be open Monday - Thursday 8AM-6PM, Fridays 7AM-7PM and Saturdays 8AM-5PM. All are closed on Sundays

Residents of Bowie County Texas can go here for more information:

Haven't registered to vote yet? Go here:


Early Voting in Arkansas begins October 19 and goes to November 2. In Texarkana Arkansas or if you are a resident of Miller County you can go to

Early Voting Location - The Cabe Fellowship Center at First Methodist Church located at  400 E 6th St, Texarkana, AR  (if you are curious, they changed the location this year to allow more social distancing. For more information you can call (870) 772-6931

The according to KTBS the last three days of early voting (October 29, 30 & Nov 2) these 3 sites will be open for voting in Miller County:

Central Baptist Church, 2117 East 35th St., Texarkana

Stanley Davis Community Center, 203 East Redcut Rd., Fouke

Sugar Hill United Methodist Church, 1621 Sugar Hill Rd., Texarkana

All three locations will be open those last days:

Thursday, Oct. 29 and Friday, Oct. 30 from 8AM - 6PM

Monday, Nov. 2 from 8AM to 5PM

Voter Registration information and more places to vote early in our area are listed at:

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