A little of both really, these things crack me up and can get a bit creepy too depending on the filter.

The collage above comes from a relatively new on called Face App, it's a free download from Google Play or iPhone's App Store.

  • The first picture upper left is bad enough, but it is the original the others were made from.
  • The right upper corner shot is the creepiest one of the group I think. A manufactured grin, not my teeth, not my mouth, is placed on your face, the app adds crows feet around the eyes and lower eyelids are raised to give you that jolly finishing touch. Very creepy.
  • Lower left is me supposedly much older. Hmmmm, doesn't look that much different. That's horrifying.
  • Bottom right is pretty icky too, that's supposed to be me, but much younger. The App smoothed out all the lines and added some acne to my forehead. Ewwwww.

There was also one for me as a female but honestly, it didn't look much different from the younger version of me. At least they could have added some makeup or something, blik!

It's a free download and worth killing about 20 minutes of your day.

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