Honestly, I don't know a thing about chickens, other than the fact that they are mighty tasty, but this video has me quit spellbound.

This video was taken at a "Free Range" chicken farm in New Zealand, and there's no doubt about it , these chickens are having a glorious time just being... chickens.  I guess it's the thousands of chickens coming out of the big house, down the ramps and out into the field where I get the distinct impression they're frolicking!

Can chickens "frolic."

I had a source recently for fresh chicken eggs and that was great! I love fresh multi-colored chicken eggs. I'm very diversified like that you know.

My mother-in-law has some chickens at her house in Queen City and I just love talking to the ladies, I call them ladies, when we go to visit Nana. Of course they do talk back, a lot.

Lisa says she's a "Free Range" egg buyer, I've never given it much thought really. But after watching this, maybe I need to think about it a little more.

Maybe I was a chicken farmer in a past life, not likely of course but who knows.