This Sunday morning, we’ll all turn back our clocks one hour for daylight savings time, which means us, 9 to 5ers, will arise to daylight and a walk to our cars in the dark after work. I’ll be honest adjust poorly to this time of year, but that doesn’t stop this time of year from coming eeeevery year. So, I just have to adapt. The thing about change is it's uncomfortable, but necessary. And ultimately change is inevitable. It’s your ATTITUDE about that change that makes all the difference in the world. Unfortunately, time stands still for some people. .They never grow. They never evolve and typically never step outside their comfort zone. If you have a conversation with them today, they’re still getting excited about the same things that excited them 10 years ago. They didn’t have the right attitude about change. Therefore, change happened all around them, but never happened within them. So as you set your clocks back and begin adjusting to this change, please pray for me for one. Lol But also keep in mind change inevitable. It is uncomfortable, but necessary in your life. And it's your ATTITUDE about that change makes all the difference.

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