Two of my favorite friends in this world are two furry four-legged friends. They're a couple of hours away. So, imagine how excited I must have felt when I was granted the opportunity to make new furry friends every other week?!? So, let me tell you about my furry friend for this week.

Today, my new best friend's name is Wishbone. Wishbone is an 8-year-old, Terrier mix and he's a real sweetheart.  His story is a little unique. He grew up in a loving home with a family who cared dearly for  him. When COVID-19 hit, Wishbone's family was greatly affected and could no longer take care of him. So, they turned him in to the Animal Care & Adoption Center. 

Wishbone has a lot of love to give to some family looking for furry four-legged buddy. He would likely do best in a home with older children and no other pets. Let's just say Wishbone likes his affection and attention..... kinda reminds me of me. :)


If you or a family you know would like to give Wishbone a great home, contact the Animal Care & Adoption Center by calling (870) 773-6388.

Furry Fridays was brought to you by one of our Tex-Mex favs, El Chico.

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