Pringles and dry cereal were our road trip snacks of choice as we hit the highway headed 30 East for our first episode of "Road Trip Worthy". In this episode, I traveled to Hot Springs, AR to explore Magic Springs' new ride, The Brain Drain. The Brain Drain is a 130-foot, free-fall ride that under any other circumstances I wouldn't have even considered getting on. I do not ride rides! Ever!  However, because I wanted to take you guys on a little adventure, I took one for the team.

With the GoPro strapped securely on my head, the only thing I'm thinking as they sloooowly raise me 13 floors in the air is..."Ooooh $#!+ Why the HECK am I really doing this???" and "Lord please don't let this VERY NEW ride malfunction with me on it!

In the video below, the GoPro captures my journey from ground-level to 130 feet in the Arkansas air where I can see all over the park and across the city of Hot Springs. BEAUTIFUL!

Definitely Road Trip Worthy! Click the video below and go with me! 

(The action starts at 3:30)


Stay tuned for our next episode of "Road Trip Worthy"!


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