Every few months my stepson inches closer and closer to a Black Belt in his martial arts: Hanmudo. This is his second year in the class.

Master Lopez does a great job with the kids.Ethan takes the classes at Legend's Gym in Texarkana, Texas.

Check out the photos and videos below. Some amazing moves by kids and adults.According to Hanmudo.org, 'Han means Korea (nation of optimism), Mu means Martial Arts and Do means "The Way." Together, Hanmudo means as "The Way of Korean Martial Arts."'

Watch Ethan perform his form. He even uses nunchucks!


We chose this form of martial arts for many reasons. We wanted Ethan to have good coordination, self discipline, respect, confidence. Ethan is doing great and has learned so much. It makes me proud to watch him advance and improve so quickly.


This is a father and son demonstrating techniques:




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