This year, in order for you to have what you say you want in 2019, you gotta set boundaries and draw a line with some folks ESPECIALLY if you're a giver.Givers really have to set boundaries because takers rarely do. You gotta draw a defined line between people and your energy.... your time & attention... your heart...and even your pocket book. Stop spending your time and brain cells debating fools. Quit giving people money and getting mad when they don't pay you back. People will take and take and take and take until they deplete you. And you will look up months down the line and YOU'RE in the red... No further along on your goals.... Still hadn't discovered your purpose and broke. Not sexy! Meanwhile they're doing what they do.

Make a decision this year as to what you will and will not allow in your life. Keep folks and their opinions out of your business ESPECIALLY if you're in a relationship.  At the end of the day... Don't nobody's opinion really matter but yours and Gods.

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