We're gonna be transparent today, friends. Have you ever been in that low place where you really don’t have the words to say or just can't seem to string the words together to pray? It's like words won’t flow, but tears freely will....Not one scripture coming to mind… No motivational quotes…Just nothing to really comfort you. 

Jay-Z made a song, “Let the Song Cry”. But what do you do when you’re so low, you don’t even remember those words.. See that’s where I was last week… Lost a really good friend way too soon… Many additional stresses as well. And a point I couldn’t even get words out. But my spirit spoke FOR me. When I cried in silence, my spirit spoke aloud. When I prayed and the words wouldn't come, MY SPIRIT utter whatever it could.

So, here’s what I walked away with from my low place last week…. The language of the spirit is universal. 

A moan or groan is the same as a “God I’ll trust you”. That “Mmmm mmm mmmm…. Means the same as COVER ME cause I can’t do this without ya. 

And I’ma get outta this before I get caught up…  Just remember, friends… “The language of the spirit is universal” and it doesn’t require words or  your brain at all. Just let your spirit speak.... It gets up there. 

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