On Friday…. Earl Simmons *AKA* DMX lost his battle against addiction and passed away at the age of 50. If you know then you know… I don’t have to tell you how wise this man was.. I don’t have to tell you how talented this man was.

One of my favorite quotes from  DMX is filled with wisdom about discernment. In an interview, he gave the following quotes on trust.

Always trust everyone to be themselves. But trust in the fact you can see them well. It takes too much energy not to trust someone; you always have to stay two steps ahead of them…Trust people to be them. Trust a snake to bite you. Trust a liar to lie to you. Trust a thief to steal from you. Trust them to be them. But know them when you see them.

He was a tormented soul from early childhood. Unfortunately, he ran out of time, and left way too soon. However, he is finally able to get his rest. Rest easy X!

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