One thing I've learned over the course of the year-plus that I've lived here, Texarkanians love to eat. And I've got great news... Texarkana is getting a new restaurant that the family can enjoy called Flying Burger & Seafood!

The Arkansas chain has several locations, but the TK location will be right there on Summerhill Road.

As you know I travel to Longview, Texas often, as my immediate family is there. I noticed they recently opened a new Flying Burger & Seafood restaurant there as well. However, I hadn't had an opportunity to eat there. :( BUT my coworker, Mario Garcia from Kicker 102.5 gave me the low-down on a location he dined at in Caddo Valley near Arkadelphia, Ark:

I stopped in there one day on my way back from Hot Springs to try out their burger, man was it good! All made fresh, the patties were in ball form before they flatten them for a big juicy burger and the fries were freshly cut. I haven't had any of the seafood yet, but a few friends I know tell me they have tried and it was delicious, said they would make trip there just to eat the fish.

The original Flying Burger started in Magnolia, Ark. in 2008 and has other locations in El Dorado Caddo Valley, Fayetteville, Ruston, LA and Longview, Texas. The Summerhill Road location will be its second franchised location in Texas.

The sign says, "Coming Soon!"! We sure hope so. :)

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