Nicholas Watson was 6 years old before he formed a complete sentence. However, fast forward 10 plus years and he currently holds the record for the highest GPA of any graduate at Arkansas High School. We've seen a lot of press about Watson, and to be honest... I may be just a bit star struck upon meeting this young man. Not only did he set an ACADEMIC (heavy on the academic) record at AHS, he also received $1.5 million in scholarship offers that included SMU, Baylor, TSU, LSU, Fayetteville, and of course Harding University, where he chose to attend and study electrical engineering and play basketball; which he admits in an interview with Fox Sports is his first love. 

So, today I watched his interview with the fellas from The Couch, an early-morning, sports, talk show launched in early 2020 starring Donnie Kelly. Nicholas is such a humble young man who had an outcome in mind and didn't stop until he achieved it despite the hurdles at hand. Nicholas shared the following in his interview...

 Well, of course from square one, I  was always challenged... speech delay and all that. So, I knew if I was gonna make it in life, I gotta  push harder compared  to everyone else. AP classes.... AP concurrent, AP concurrent, online classes . I was adding more and more classes. Then when I heard it, I was like, "Yo I did it.".

His senior year, Nicholas played 4 different sports... Basketball obviously being one. However, academics always came first.

As soon was out, the first thing I did was get my homework done because I mean I knew if I worked out first, I was  gonna be grinding til 9:00, and I wasn't gonna even wanna do the homework anymore.

Nicholas will transfer 64 credit college hours to Harding University in the fall. He was accepted to 45 different universities across the states

Imagine the joy a mom feels when she was told her 6-yer-old son has ADHD, a central auditory processing disorder, and a speech delay; yet, despite the odds, has now been offered over a million dollars in academic scholarships. Not to mention has blown Arkansas High School's academic records out of the water with the highest GPA in the institution's history. Wow! Great job, mom!

I am seeking an interview with this young man and his mom. Friends, if you can lend a hand in that, I would be ever-so grateful. CONGRATULATIONS NICK!

Click the button below to out Fox Sports' On The Couch interview with Nicholas Watson.

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