I’m gonna share something personal with ya’ll because I don’t share a lot on social media, as I am very protective of my family.Last week… was a difficult time for everybody! That snow came in and claimed EVERYTHING! Our vehicles… water… electricity.. Roads… you name it.. During all that my mom was admitted into the hospital for a serious condition. (She’s OK, by the way)

I spent days and nights weighing options…. Trying to figure out how I’m gonna tackle the snow and get her home… Meanwhile, my son is calling saying he only has oatmeal & ramen noodles to eat. (which was really his own fault- lol.)

So, I log on to Facebook to step away from everything for a moment, and I see post taking a jab at my profession. Now don’t feel sorry for me because to God be all the glory... I’m great!  However the moral of the story is this... You never know what a person is going through! Don’t be so quick to put your mouth on people, their business, their brand etc. Your negativity for the sole sake of entertainment could be that person's breaking point.

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