Beware of distractions. Believe it or not, not everybody or everything deserves your response.

We will spend hours planning out how a conversation or argument is gonna go. "When he says this, then I'm gonna say that!!  And "if she says that, I'ma clap back with this!" Now how much time and energy have we wasted? Not everything deserves your time and attention. More often than not, it’s a distraction designed to get you off course.

Always remember... A dog can sit, look up at the moon and howl all night long and nobody will ever say a word. However, the moment the moon looks down and howls back at the dog, it’ll make front page news. So moral to the story.... don’t get distracted from what you got going on to give a response or attention to something irrelevant. Uphold the prestige of your position, stay focused and keep shining.

Those are your Pearls of Wisdom, TK. Go WIN THE DAY!

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