Many people get hit by life but they never hit back!

I’ve been big time guilty of that in the past, myself.  I don’t know what happens to us as adults because as kids, the “LAST LICK” was a biiiig deal!! We would run you down to get in that last lick! :) We got grown and lost our fight. We have to tap into to what our parents told us about fighting as kids. When I was growing up, my mamma told me if I got hit and didn’t hit back, I was gonna be in trouble when I got home. So…. I did what I had to do because she wasn't playing with me. THAT’S the approach we have to take with life.  When life hits you, don’t just lay there and take it! GET UP AND HIT BACK!  I know from experience life can two piece you and knock the wind right outcha lungs. Take a minute,  regroup and always remember... It’s impossible to beat the person who refuses to give up. So don’t let life get the last lick.  

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