As difficult as it may be.... Be thankful for the Judas in your life! We’ve all sat at the table with one &/or been kissed by one. But don’t you get all in your feelings behind your Judas! He or she was sent with a motive, BUT GOD HAS A PLAN!Honestly, I don’t know where I would be today without my Judas. I learned so much from my Judas... sitting at the table the entire time KNOWING they would betray me and did not have my best interest at heart. My Judas helped me become skilled at my craft, taught me the game, but above all, taught me how to keep focused on the prize and not be distracted by a meaningless kiss.

But here’s the thing...
You have to be mature enough to sit at the table with your Judas because he or she may very well have the key to your next level.

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