Today is National Goof Off Day. Notice I don't mention what the date is yet? That's because I think we should have more than just one day a year to goof off so if you are reading this days after the fact, pretend that today is the day.

Technically, National Goof Off Day is March 22. I am working but decided that I would fit the goofing off into the work schedule so here we go.

Wes and I were having a discussion about the new Dollar General that is going in on Highway 71 South just before Sugar Hill Road in Texarkana, Ark. Wes said that the speed limit was 70 mph just past his road, which is Sugar Hill Road. He pulls out from that road every afternoon. I said it is 75 mph. He tried to get me to bet on it with his hand held out and offering $10. I should have accepted it but I don't like to do money bets. Anyway, he pulled up Google Maps to show me he was right.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I decided to prove that I was correct with a ride out to the sign.

On the drive I noticed my car was covered in pollen again so I decided to go through the car wash then do a little vacuuming.

After that I was hungry so I stopped by the burger joint and got a fantastic omelet. My day has started off pretty good and all of this fun was before 9:30AM. Imagine what other goofing off I can do today while still working of course. To be continued . . . .

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