Some people are afraid of spiders, snakes or even public speaking. Here is the Top 10 worst fears of people according to Discovery Health including the breakdown by gender:

1. Snakes: 25 percent overall, 13 percent of men, 35 percent of women.

2. Buried alive: 22 percent overall, 20 percent of men, 25 percent of women.

3. Heights: 17 percent overall, 14 percent of men, 19 percent of women.

4. Being bound or tied: 15 percent overall, 2 percent of men, 27 percent of women.

5. Drowning: 14 percent overall, 11 percent of men, 17 percent of women.

6. Public speaking: 13 percent overall, 9 percent of men, 17 percent of women.

7. Hell: 12 percent overall, 7 percent of men, 15 percent of women.

8. Cancer: 11 percent overall, 8 percent of men, 13 percent of women.

9. Tornadoes and hurricanes: 10 percent overall, 5 percent of men, 16 percent of women.

10. Fire: 10 percent overall, 4 percent of men, 15 percent of women.

We opened the phone lines this morning and found a few to add to this list: Sharks and falling bridges. I hate tornadoes and usually have nightmares about them. I'm also afraid of knives for some reason.

What is your worst fear?


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