My old college professor…MY FAVORITE,  Dr. Jim Towns, asked this question one day…. 'Are you a thermostat or are you a thermometer?' He went on to explain that a thermostat sets the temperature. You walk in the room and the atmosphere adjusts to you. A thermometer, on the other hand, adjusts to whatever the temperature already is.

Some people are like water…. They take on the shape of whatever they’re placed in. Don’t be that person. Walk in that room and BE YOU! If you are sunshine amidst a bunch of rain clouds…. SHINE! Set the environment to YOUR temperature. It’s not your fault that your spirit irritates other people’s demons. I know for that reason, I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. And I’m OK with that. I haven’t always been though. But with time comes wisdom and I now I’m at my best and when I’m Keeta King. I step out of MY glory trying to be anything else.

So, just remember…. Regardless of whether it’s your work place, social setting, home… YOU are the thermostat. YOU set the temperature. They will either get with it or get on. And one thing we know… Cold and hot can’t exist at the same time. One will drive out the other.

Those Pearls Of Wisdom were brought to you by Crowned Culture Boutique.

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