I’m at a point in time in life where I don't want to take any more Ls especially from the SAME adversary. I want to WIN some of life's battles! So, my question to you my friends is... When is the last time you’ve won a fight in your life? 
Every year at the beginning of the year, we jump in the "fight to lose weight"  Well it’s now April...... How much weight have u lost? Or did you take an L?
We swear we’re gonna get your credit together, save money, go to school, launch the business! But what is that savings account look like? How many classes are you registered for? How is that business plan going? Or did you take an L?

REALITY CHECK: It’s been 4 months since the whole “New Year, New You” phenomenon, but what’s new about you in 2018? You don’t have to win at everything but if you wanna be successful, you gotta win at something!

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