Today is National Voter’s Registration Day. While this is a very important day for ALL Americans…. Today, I’m specifically speaking to my minorities in the realm of politics.. My women, my African American & Latino family.

Look women…. We couldn’t vote til 1920 with the ratification of the 19th amendment. To my African American and Latino communities, it wasn’t until the passing of the 15th amendment that we could vote. And even then there were hurdles and boundaries to cross for justice sake just to vote. Listen… I understand that everyone listening right now may not have an eligible voting status for whatever reason. But those of us who do, HAVE to stand tall on the shoulders of those who paid the price for us to be able to participate in the biggest demonstration of democracy in this country….. VOTING!

To my Caucasian persuasion family… much love to you! We’re actually probably kin. :) I need YOUR help to encourage others who do not look like you to go out and vote. See being pro black doesn’t mean anti white. And the beauty of morals,ethics and standards when it comes to the welfare of others is that it knows no color. So on THIS day make a commitment to get registered to vote and/or help your fellow sister or brother from another mother do the same. See them through to the polls. For additional voting information, to get registered, check your voting status, etc... visit VOTE.ORG.

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