When you operate in your GIFT, you don’t have to be at the head of the table. Wherever you sit or stand, the table and room will shift.

TRUST ME! I KNOW! Let me give you my testimony that I still laugh about to this day. I was once looked over to speak at a big decision making table discussion for a college. Media and upper execs were in attendance as well as key decision makers.  The person in charge of handpicking those to sit around the table and speak on behalf of the inststituion felt blonde hair and blue eyes was the best choice.  He asked me to come to the meeting to just kinda sit there as support. I was pissed because I knew I was the better speaker and really had a lot to offer to the discussion. Long story short… One of the college execs asked me to come sit at the table although I wasn't slated to speak. I did as he asked, but was prepared to say absolutely nothing. They went around the table allowing the "speakers" a chance to present their position. When it came it came time for the "chosen one" to speak, she choked. Who do you think bailed her out?  Who do you think was quoted in the media??? Hear me when I tell you…. Regardless of whether you have a seat at the table or not,  if you’re operating in your gift, the entire room will shift for you. If you’re looking for a point to shout, there it is.

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