Majic 93.3 is so proud of our local black-owned businesses! For months now, we have highlighted a local black-owned business each week. This week (week 9), we are highlighting Tiffaine Stevens, owner and operator of Sculpting Secrets.

Not only is Tiffaine Stevens a trailblazing business woman, she's also one of my really good friends, and I was so pleased to get a chance to sit down and talk business with her.

So what is Sculpting Secrets?? It is ultrasonic lipo cavitation, which basically a non invasive procedure that melts away stubborn fat and smoothes out cellulite.  Ladies, we all got that fupa, jiggly arms and hail damage (cellulite) in places we would prefe to not have it. The amazing thing about lipo cavitation is that it provides a much safer alternative to surgical options, like liposuction. However, you get long lasting, noticable results.

So I asked Stevens what made her decide to launch such a business in Texarkana. She responded:

For months, a few friends and I were driving to Dallas to have the procedure done. I went to have my back and stomach done. It literally became addictive and I was so passionate about it, I wanted to share it with other women like me who were battling stubborn belly fat and other trouble areas. I would leave a treatment and felt so confident, I would be ready to drop my clothes at the door! And that's a feeling every woman must experience.

I can honestly relate. Since my first visit at Sculpting Secrets, I haven't been able to stop talking about it. I've had three procedures, and the results are absolutely unbelievable. Check out my pics below.


And guess who has already made an appointment for my next series of Sculpting Secrets..... I sure have! That's just how satisfied I am with my results. You must try it for yourself. And it's soooo affordable. Check out the prices below.


If you're undecided about what you want for Christmas, allow me to suggest Sculpting Secrets! It's the gift that keeps giving!

You can follow and/or contact Sculpting Secrets on Facebook at Sculpting Secrets or by calling 479-799-0740.

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