Prom season is well underway and some proms have already taken place. What color did you wear to your prom? Did you know that it wasn't just chance, the color of your gown reflects who you truly are!

According to Glamour Magazine, the color that you choose for your prom dress reveals your personality.

• Red -- You're active, a mover and a shaker.

• Black -- You're adventurous and unafraid to try new things.

• White -- You're senuous and easy going. You enjoy the good things in life.

• Pink -- You're inventive and enjoy daydreaming.

• Green -- You're affectionate and a perfectionist.

• Yellow/Orange -- You love nature and the outdoors.

• Pastels -- You hate routine. variety is the spice of life.

• Purple -- You're playful, imaginative, relaxed and love to laugh!

• Gold/Silver -- You're exotic and love to travel!

• Tan -- You're practical and down to earth.

• Blue -- You're a no-nonsense person. very organized.


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