I love these personality tests and Mexican food too. Your favorite Mexican food can tell you a lot about who you are and who you like. I think it would have been fun to be in this study.

Dr. Alan Hirsch is the director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago where the Mexican food "Q-dentity" study was conducted.

Taco -- People who prefer tacos are conscientious and perfectionists and are ideal workers. On the job they take over, accomplishing monumental tasks. They are the master of their domain and can become so engrossed in work that they are often forced to sacrifice time with family and friends. People who prefer tacos are most romantically compatible with those who prefer quesadillas.

Quesadilla -- A dependable and true friend, those who prefer quesadillas are content with being one of the crowd. They are loyal followers more than leaders. At work they are the foot soldiers, task-oriented, functioning ideally in a group. They don't require individual praise, but share their successes with those around them. They toil behind the scenes for others at work or in their family. In romantic relationships they invest extraordinary effort and energy to try to ensure the relationship's vitality and stability. They are the rock and driving force in the relationship.

Chips and Salsa -- These people are aggressive, successful, achievement-orientated and natural leaders. Intolerant of defeat, those who prefer chips and salsa will not take "no" for an answer. Competitive, ambitious, self-assured, they are decisive and persuasive at work, whereas in romance they are charming. They can become impatient with the myriad vicissitudes of life. Avoid going against a chips and salsa lover, for those who go against them could be in for a fight. Chips and salsa people are most romantically compatible with others who also prefer chips and salsa.

Burrito -- Burrito lovers are dramatic and love being the center of attention. They crave novelty, excitement and stimulation and are seductive and flirtatious in romance and gregarious, witty and charming in social situations. Neither shy nor subdued, they readily display their emotions. At work they are easily bored with usual routines and have a keen sense of new and up-and-coming trends. Burrito lovers are romantically compatible with everyone.

Taco Salad -- People who prefer taco salads are easy-going, well-adjusted, empathic, understanding and are a perfect spouse, parent and ideal friend. People who prefer taco salads are most romantically compatible with those who prefer burritos.

Nachos -- People who prefer nachos are shy, quiet, reserved and introverted. They are secure enough about their own identity that, to a great extent, they are oblivious to what others think of them. They are self-sufficient and most productive when allowed to work alone, uninterrupted. Nacho fans are independent souls and often enjoy being single.

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