July USPSA Match is This Saturday: Weaver Un-Muzzled
Happy Independence Week! It's a little odd having July 4th in the middle of the week, I would rather it be on a Friday or Monday so we get a long weekend out of it but, oh well, a day off to load ammo is a day off to load ammo.
This Saturday it's time for another hot July IPSC/USPSA match a…
April USPSA Match is This Saturday: Weaver Un-Muzzled
Well thanks to boy-child's baseball and many other duties to perform there just hasn't been any time for practice the last couple of weeks between the March Steel Challenge and this Saturday's USPSA match. What can I say, life keeps me busy, as it does us all.
Steel Challenge Results, Part Deux: Weaver Un-Muzzled
We may be breaking out the lifeboats now but believe it or not, we didn't get rained out on the second Saturday of March! Our plans were to shoot the Steel Challenge match even if it was raining Saturday March 10th, but to all of our surprise we ended up with a fantastic day to shoot.
USPSA Results & Steel Challenge Coming Up: Weaver Un-Muzzled
What a great day for shooting and a terrific turnout for our very first USPSA/IPSC match for 2012 at the Texarkana Gun Club.
Last Saturday started off a little cool, but it quickly turned into bright sunshine and mild temperatures that set the tone for a fun day of shooting. We welcomed 38 shooters f…
Steel Challenge Match Results: Weaver Un-Muzzled
C-C-C-COLD! OK, weather-wise last Saturday could have been better. It was 26 degrees and cloudy when we arrived at the Texarkana Gun Club for the very first Steel Challenge match, and actually got colder before the morning was over if you can believe that. But even though it was a "bit nipp…

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