If you love fresh veggies, homemade jelly and baked goods, don't miss the Gateway Farmers Market Grand Opening This Saturday, June 12, 7 a.m. - noon.

One of my favorite things about moving to the country was the fresh veggies straight from the garden. I watched my dad work hard and faithfully on rows and rows or peas, turnip greens, potatoes, corn, watermelon, and soooo much more. So COME OUT and support our local hardworking and dedicated farmers who supply the community with locally grown veggies and other fresh goods.

According to the Gateway Farmers Market Facebook page, some items you can expect to find at the market this weekend are:

◉Vegetables:  Greens, Onions, Zucchini, Squash, Lettuce, Radishes, Beets, Peppers,  Cabbage, Potatoes, Green Tomatoes, green beans, and more.
◉Homemade Baked Goods,
◉Natural Body Products, Jellies, Lye Soap, Crafts, and more

Highlights of the day include the following:

*9:30 A.M. Texarkana Arkansas Police Department & Texarkana Arkansas Fire Departmentwill be at the market showing off their police cars and firetruck!
*10:00 A.M. Texarkana Arkansas Mayor Allen Brown, Texarkana AR will read the Proclamation
*Hourly Drawings for fresh vegetables
*Free Grilled Vegetable samples will be given out
*Live Entertainment featuring The Hendrix Trio

Gateway Farmers Market is located 602 East Jefferson Ave, Texarkana, AR. 71854.

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