Surely I am not the only one who had their lips set on Taco Tico yesterday and today, juuuuuust to find out they aren't actually opening til tomorrow. 

Ok..... so a good friend of mine called me on Monday asking if I wanted something from Taco Tico because she was there ordering food. I was in full throttle at the moment, so I told her, "No, thank you". However, in the back of my mind, I'm thinking I'll just pull up tomorrow during lunch with the rest of Texarkana who didn't make it today. lol And that's exactly what I did.... JUST to find some orange traffic cones and a big truck blocking the drive-thru and standing between me and my heavenly taco tico burger everybody swears by and told me to try.

One would think with me being in media,I'd know these things, but apparently not. In any event, I will be there Johnny on the spot tomorrow during the lunch hour! Please join me, but first..... What should I order?? Let me know your favorites, so I will at least go in a bit ahead of the learning curve. Thanks, TK!


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