Today kicks off my Pearls of Wisdom I'll share with you around 11:40 each day.   Who doesn't need that extra inspiration to get you through the day and keep you from losing your $#!+?!

My great-grandmother was one of the wisest women I know. Among the many priceless things she passed down to me, her "Pearls of Wisdom" are by far the most valuable. She would be so excited to know I can now pass them along to you all.

TODAY'S PEARLS OF WISDOM (POW):  Everything you need to be successful is already in you. you are pre-wired to succeed at whatever you were placed on this earth to do. Contrary to what you may believe, you are not on earth to just suck up oxygen. You are here for a purpose. When a frog is born, does it have to take lessons to learn how to hop? Of course not. It already has the "hop" inside. A fish doesn't have to take swimming lessons. When a fish is released into water, it takes off because it was born to swim. Now if God thought that much of a frog and fish, how much more mindful is He of you? Keep that in mind today as you go throughout your day.

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