We're all human. We have feelings... but your feelings will not always cooperate with your dream. Some days you’re just not gonna FEEL like it. KEEP MOVING AND KEEP YOUR HEAD! You’re gonna get tired. Gonna feel discouraged. Your gonna walk into work with your heart broken in a million pieces! keep your head and keep moving, because your dream is still alive and waiting on you. Oh the wind is gonna blow something fiercely because you gotta promise. Anytime you have a promise it comes with a problem. That’s when you know that know you’re on the right track and you’re a threat to the enemy! You just have to let him know you ain’t no punk! So when he hits you…. You hit back. Hit back with your praise… hit back by not stopping and continuing to go after your dream because THAT’S why he hit you in the first place.  He’s scared of where you’re headed.

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