I woke up feeling such a shift in the atmosphere. 

I hear a lot of people talk about happiness…. But very few talk about JOY. I think that’s because many don’t know the difference between happy and Joy. So let me break it down for you.

“HAPPY" is a feeling….. It’s an emotion. It can be here today and gone tomorrow. 

"JOY"…. on the other hand, is a fruit of the spirit…. Right up there with LOVE… PEACE...PATIENCE AND GOODNESS. 

Joy doesn’t lift when circumstances change.  Joy doesn’t leave when folks walk out of your life or when things don’t go according to planned. 

Ya know why? Because Joy is knowing REGARDLESS of what I may see….. BUT BASED ON WHAT I KNOW through faith… I’M GOOD! I’M GUCCI.

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