One of my listeners and I would venture to call her my homegirl posted on FB today and said...

"It's time to move unqualified folks from your life".

There's never a RIGHT time to remove 'unqualified people' from your life especially if you care about them. So NOW is the ONLY time to do it if you want peace. Here's the thing... you can't even get a JOB without necessary QUALIFICATIONS. Soooo why would you allow a person to remain in your life if they don't meet your qualification.  One of the gauges I use to know if a person is qualified to be in my life is how I feel when I leave their presence or when I'm done talking to them.

See we get caught up in our feelings and our ties with people.  We want to build a house, where God has only pitched a tent. But even to get in a house, you have to qualify. Are you paying attention to the qualifications of the company you keep?

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