Pearls of Wisdom today are inspired by Serena Williams, who has FINALLY gotten her own Wheaties cereal box! Ayyyyye! However, as talented as she is, that sista WORKS her butt off... to get the body she has… to get the many championships and titles she has. One of my favorite quotes by her is…. Don’t let anyone work harder than you do!I live by that! I. Work. Hard. Not tooting my own horn. Anyone who knows me will agree. And if you beat me, it certainly won’t be because you out worked me. One of my favorite people in the world always says, "Keeta you finish one thing and you add something else to your plate". Lol That’s because I refuse to let anyone outwork! As talented as I may be on this radio…. Remember this TK…… HARD WORK beats talent when talent don’t work hard.

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