Do not despise small beginnings and be faithful to the little stuff. It's the little stuff that grants you your ticket to enter into the BIG stuff. Your perception (how you see things in your mind's eye) is your truth. Don't see your humble beginning as small or insignificant. Noooo.....See it as a practice stage and MILK IT FOR ALL IT'S WORTH!! The curtains are still closed. Learn everything you can right NOW.  Make mistakes right NOW. Work on YOU right now while there's no spot light and nobody even knows your name. Because here's the thing... Once you MAKE IT... ain't no practicing (yes, I said 'ain't no')... ain't no tryna figure it out.  It's time to roll now baby and EVERYBODY'S watching.

So respect and be faithful to the place you're in now. And by the way... if you prove faithful over few, He'll make you ruler over many.

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