Let your success speak for you.  You don’t have to respond to everybody. There are some fights in life that don’t require you to swing. So stop windmilling and FIGHT SMARTER, NOT HARDER! I was HER…. You come for me, I’M GUNNING for you.  It was more important for me to prove my worth to others than it was for me to prove it to myself.  However, as I got wiser, I understood....  You have no control over what people are gonna do, think or say about you. So, all that energy you invest in fighting a fruitless battle…. Put that energy into YOUR GRIND!!

You don’t have to say a word. You ain’t gotta post it on social media.  (yes, I said ain't) Let your success speak for you, AND IT WILL!  That’s the difference between windmilling and actually landing the punch! Both require energy, but only ONE IS EFFECTIVE.

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