Today is National Siblings Day, and I love seeing all the pictures and posts on social media. Unfortunately, as an only child, I never got the luxury of keeping sibling secrets, spilling sibling tea, and creating everlasting sibling memories.

However, I was blessed with two beautiful children who have a bond that I've had the distinct pleasure of witnessing for 16 years. And that's how and why I celebrate National Siblings Day.

My daughter, Christian (Punkin), is 22-years-old. My son, Keaton (Toot), is 16-years-old.  One would think their relationship would be a bit challenging as they are six years apart. Just the opposite is truth. These two have a love for each other that delights my soul and makes their dad and I proud as a parents.

Punkin and Toot have the type of telepathy that will get on your nerves if you're not "in the know" of what's transpiring between them. They have quotes and inside jokes for days, and once they're eyes meet, a serious moment can at any point erupt into laughter without a word being said. Lord forbid their dad or grandparents say something ONLY they find funny. It's on!

In 16 years, I've only broken up one fight (over a torn hoodie). However, I've endured countless arguments over NOTHING that ended almost as quickly as they began.  The biggest disagreement between the two at this point in life is Toot not wanting to take a selfie with Punkin. :)

Although they drive me up a wall with all their giggles, insiders and low key shade throwing,  there's nothing more in this world I love more than watching them together and cutting up right along with them.  So, today on National Siblings Day, I celebrate my babies and their tight sibling bond.

Below are a few pictures they're gonna kill me about.