Some people hang their art. I'd rather wear mine!  Happy National Tattoo Day to all tattoo artists and those of us who love a little ink therapy from time to time.

Today is a day when people across the nation proudly show off their body art... well at least that which is safe to show. :) I have been an "ink junkie" since the 90's. My first tattoo was actually a great first date. Since that day, I've added pieces of art to my body that tell a story... my story. I was never a fan of putting just anything on my body simply for the sake of "having another tattoo" so I regret none of the 16.

Fortunately, my tattoos have never hindered me socially nor professionally. Although much more acceptable now, there will always be  misconceptions about people who are "tatted". Truth be told, many of us are very educated, never been in the trap, couldn't rap to save our lives, and never even rode a motorcycle.

So, on this day when we celebrate ink, art, and body canvases across the nation, I've shared a few of my tattoos below. Shout out to Garage Art Studios (GAS)!!