After waiting months to sink my teeth into the famous Popeyes chicken sandwich, I finally got a chance to see what all the hype was about.

OK so I'm a fan and officially boarding the Popeyes chicken sandwich train!. Someone who really loves me waited in line 45 minutes to get me a sandwich. It was definitely love at first bite. Would I spend an hour in line to get it, ehhhhh probably not. BUT I will definitely visit Popeyes to get another one when some of the hype dies down.

Regarding the Popeye vs Chick-fil-A competition... There's really no comparison. They're two totally different sandwiches, and both are really good depending on what you have a taste for. The Popeyes chicken sandwich is more like that "Come home late at night to your mama frying chicken" kinda good. Chick-fil-A is more-less a "I want well-seasoned fried chicken but I don't want the calories" kinda good. Does that make sense? Who can agree?

Here's my final thought about the sandwich. I think Popeyes put their foot in this sandwich. I have one question, however..... Popeyes, now that you've perfected the chicken sandwich, when do you plan to work on your customer service?

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