As much as I want to take on an "it's just a game" attitude... It's not working for me on this Monday as my team will NOT be playing in the big in Tampa February 7. 

Everybody wants to say... "Brady's the G.O.A.T., but Brady did not beat us last night. We beat ourselves. Talk about a restless night... I tossed and turned half the night with the recurring question that no one can answer except my favorite quarterback in the NFL.... Aaron Rogers.

Aaron drove the team 58 yards down the field into Tampa Bay's 10-yard-line. There were 2:15 minutes remaining on third and goal with only 8 yards to go. Aaron took a shotgun snap, pressure came... he stepped up in the pocket and to his left was nothing but turf and opportunity. He instead threw to Davante Adams (#17) who had two defenders on him. Needless to say, head coach Matt Lafleur made the executive decision to kick the filed goal and Tampa ends up winning a spot in the Big Game.

Maybe by the time Super Sunday rolls around, I will feel better about taking that L and will watch the Buccaneers take on the Chiefs. That one stung. We shouldn't have lost that game.


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