Fear will literally paralyze you and keep you from putting one foot in front of the other. But you can't wait for fear to go away before you take action! We’re now three months into 2019. Have you done anything you said you were going to do back in January? If not, is it due to fear? Believe it or not, fear is actually your good friend. Its only your enemy when you allow it to paralyze you. Take it from somebody who knows about using fear for fuel! Fear will get you up early in the morning long before your competition.. Fear will make you do your research. Fear will make you prepare prepare prepare. I'm the ultimate "preparer"... and typically my obsessive preparation is fueled by fear.  However, the outcome is beautiful! So, THANKS FEAR! :) [POW cont'd below ad]

As you put on your pearls of wisdom and continue on throughout your day, remember.... Fear is actually your ally when you use it to inform you and push you to success!

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