On this 4th day of Black History Month, we celebrate the life and legacy of Rosa Parks today on her birthday. 

In 1955 she refused to give up her seat on the bus when the bus driver demand her to. Many people don't know that nine months prior, a Black young lady named Claudette Covin was arrested for the same thing. My point? Something inside these ladies told them that REGARDLESS of what people said or what the law even said, THEY WERE EQUAL.  Even when faced with this adversity, something stood up boldly on the inside of them and said, "YOU'RE WORTHY"  Now keep in mind this was during a time when it wasn't favorable at ALL to be a woman, let alone a BLACK woman. Now if they were able to tap into the treasure inside of them and remain cognizant of their worth... how dare you or I walk around here with low self-esteem... Settling for anything and anybody. Letting people put a reduced tag on you because you don't know your own worth! Stop setting for less than you deserve. Stand firmly in who you are, but most importantly WHOSE you are.

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