Never fight a battle where there is nothing to be gained. Ignore it and see it for what it is… A distraction.

I have to stop and I ask myself… "Keeta, will this really matter 3 years from now… a year from now?". Typically the answer, without hesitation, is NO. So what difference does it make if he or she is talking about you if she has nothing to do with your future? If you are working toward starting your own business in a year, what difference does it make if they promoted somebody else over you on that job you don't like anyway? (POW cont'd below ad)

If anything, that should make you focus even more and work even harder to start that business, write that book, get back in school,etc. But whatever you do, don’t take your time and attention off your goals and dreams, the things that really matter, to focus on something that won’t affect your life one way or the other.

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