Going into the weekend on a curfew and confinement to the house with nowhere to go can be a bit gloomy. Coronavirus has taken quite a few of life's pleasures and pastimes away. However, one thing it can’t take away is your time… Right now you have a lot of time on your hands. Use it wisely!

Below are 10 things from my perspective regarding time:


  • Don’t spend a $1.00 worth of time on a .10 cent decision.
  • Don’t waste your time with people who waste theirs. 
  • Protect your time like you do your money
  • Time can’t be recycled. Once it’s gone… It’s gone. Utilize wisely. 
  • Time is gonna pass if you do something. Time is gonna pass if you do nothing. Just know if you do nothing, you’re guaranteed nothing. 
  • Time waits for NO MAN! 
  • Time is for making moves… NOT excuses. 
  • Everybody is given the exact same 24 hours in a day…. Even the begger and the billionaire.
  • Each of us has 86,400 second every day. DON'T let someone's negative 60 seconds ruin the remaining 86,340.
  • We each have an expiration date here on earth. What you did with your time will determine your legacy



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