Last night I was talking to someone who is very well versed on Jordans.. yeah the shoe. lol Well I’m not much of a tennis shoe chick. So I got a whole education on the different names of Jordans… their significance, etc. And I left that conversation with one small yet major epiphany… Micheal Jordan knows his worth! Anytime you can charge up to $600 for a shoe with your name on it is PROOF that A. People will pay that amount. B. He knows what his name is worth. (POW cont'd below ad)

 Do you know your worth? Do you know the value of your name? If you could produce a brand right now with your name on it, what value would you put on it? If you don’t know your value, you surely can’t expect others to. Today, think about that. People will value you according to the value they see YOU PLACE ON YOU.

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