Today's Pearls of Wisdom came from a squirrel. No... seriously. I literally learned one of the greatest life lessons I could have learned TODAY from a squirrel.

So, I'm driving to work this morning.... As always, my mind on a million things when along comes this little squirrel crossing the street. I love animals, and it's small, so I see it's taking a little longer for it to get to the other side, so I slow down a bit. At this point I'm not really trippin' about hitting it because IT'S ALMOST TO THE OTHER SIDE! And right when i have that very thought, the squirrel hears my car and begins to second guess whether or not he can make it, so he turns to go back where it came from. Meanwhile, I'm swerving & screaming.... Noooooo! OMG! Please go! I don't wanna hit you!!

I learned a very valuable lesson this morning from a creature who can't even talk. Moral of the story... the wind may blow... you may get scared and/or intimidated... things may threaten to take you out.... BUT KEEP GOING!! You're much closer than you even realize! Believe in yourself and the gift God gave you to get to the other side.

And remember..... God is always talking... We just have to be paying attention.

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