For some people time literally stands still. They never change and they're content being where they've always been. Don't let those people define you by your past or what you used to be.

When you make the decision to grow, people will say silly things like, 'Girl, you acting funny" or (my personal fav) "You've changed." Well, you look them square in the eyes and tell them (with a hint of sarcasm)... "Why yes, I have and thank you for noticing!"  People who know your past get intimidated when they notice you no longer look like where you came from. But that's ok... Keep looking like where you're going.

If there's something inside you pulling you in a totally different direction, don't ignore it and don't let people bully you out of it. Here's the thing... The ended last night. This morning ushered in a brand new day, and it's never too late to change the game.


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