Life can take you fast sometimes.  You have to pause a moment and ask yourself…. "Am I performing this thing called life for the crowd or for my audience?"A crowd is just a large number of people gathered to spectate who will have you emotionally charged, distracted and in your feelings trying to appease THEIR appetite and agenda. Your audience, on the other hand, is composed of those people you’re connected with, your constructive critics, your supporters, your ride or dies, etc.

So stop looking for and WORKING for an applause from people who aren’t even in your audience. Do know... everybody who’s in the crowd ain’t in your audience. It’s up to you to discern the difference.

LOOK: 50 essential civil rights speeches

Many of the speakers had a lifetime commitment to human rights, but one tried to silence an activist lobbying for voting rights, before later signing off on major civil rights legislation. Several fought for freedom for more than one oppressed group.

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